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Wishing Buhari dead is Confronting God ―Ortom

Wishing Buhari dead is Confronting God ―Ortom
  • PublishedFebruary 1, 2017

Benue state governor, Sam Ortom, has admonished Nigerians who wish to see President Muhammadu Buhari dead, saying such people should rather confront God for making him president at this time.

Ortom who said he was at the Villa to pay solidarity and loyalty to the acting president said Buhari’s ascension to the office was not his own making and could therefore not be removed before his time.

Ortom said: Well today is to pay solidarity to the acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to pledge my loyalty and best wishes to him and to wish Mr. President, who is on vacation, good health and safe return back to continue to lead us.

“And we pray that God will continue to help this administration that came at a time that Nigeria is passing through recession occasioned by bad leadership by past administration”.

According to him, “When we as leaders begin to champion the cause of disobeying the laws of the land, then when are calling for anarchy, which will not be good for any Nigerian. Nigeria is the only country we have.

“Definitely, we don’t want to be like Syria and other countries that have gotten themselves entangled in various calamities.

“And I want to implore those who are bestowed with leadership, especially those who have taken oath of office, to obey the laws of the land, to protect the laws of the land and to live by the oath of office they have taken instead of playing politics of extreme and causing things that can bring major disaster to our country.”

Ortom also denied that indigenes’ farmlands had been ceded to Fulani herdsmen to ensure peace after the Agatu killings. He said the people of the area came up with the resolutions themselves while himself and his Nasarawa state governor, Tanko al-Makura, were mere witnesses.

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