Why Traditional Rulers Suffer Public Humiliation – Elebuibon

Why Traditional Rulers Suffer Public Humiliation – Elebuibon
  • PublishedNovember 10, 2023

A renowned Ifa priest, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, has identified traditional rulers’ relationship with politicians as a major factor contributing to the rising disrespect and embarrassment of traditional stools and their occupants.

Elebuibon noted that the respect and prestige that traditional institution commands were waning because of the attitudes of some monarchs which are a clear departure from those of their ancestors.

According to him, one of the unacceptable actions of most present kings in Nigeria which have been contributing in undermining their authority and power is their partisan politics.

Elebuibon, in an interview with newsmen recently stressed that any traditional ruler who engages in partisan politics has brought his throne to disrepute and mockery, adding that many monarchs have been experiencing public ridicule and humiliation because of their relationships with politicians.

The Ifa priest said: “Traditional rulers should not be involved in politics, it will embarrass them and make their stool a mockery. By their virtue as kings, they are ancestral politicians and joining modern politicians to play politics is belittling their status.”

Elebuibon warned those aspiring to be traditional rulers and would not toll traditional paths and rites in ascending the throne to have a re-think, saying the sanctity and sacredness of thrones needed to be preserved.

“Monarchs who know they won’t promote culture and tradition should denounce the throne and return to their religion.

“In becoming king, there is nothing like ‘I am a Christian or Muslim, and so rites are not needed.’ Those who nurse such mentality should forget about the throne and cling to their religion. An Oba must be ready to be a chore traditionalist and he can now participate in other religions he wishes,” he stated.

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