We Have Ensured Our Students Convocate Immediately After Final Exams – UNIOSUN VC

We Have Ensured Our Students Convocate Immediately After Final Exams – UNIOSUN VC
  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2023

The Vice-Chancellor of Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Prof. Clement Adebooye has disclosed that the institution has concluded plans to ensure final year students are slated for convocation immediately after their final year examinations.

Adebooye noted that final year students after completing their examinations in the second week of August will be slated for convocation in September of same year.



The UNIOSUN Vice-Chancellor stated this at the 4th Candido Darocha Annual Memorial Lecture held at the Osogbo Campus of the University on Monday.

He said UNIOSUN before now is used to slating students for Convocation in September of the year after their final exams, adding that the University will seize to have her Convocation every September henceforth.

“We are combining two convocation this year. It’s not that we are missing one. The tradition of this University used to be when students complete their examination between June and second week of August, we slate them for Convocation next year September which will coincide with the foundation time of the university.

“Therefore we felt that if this students concluded their exams by the second week of August, why not do everything within the space provided by Technology to make sure that script are graded and everything is done to graduate the student in time so that they will not be coming back for their convocation after service.

“We discussed it and the University agreed that this is a good thing to consider and that we should experiment it this year and we carried out the experiment and it has been successful. Therefore, students of this University who concluded their examinations four weeks ago are part of this year convocation ceremony.

“Henceforth, we shall be graduating our students every September that comes after their final examinations in July of the same year.

“I want to reinstate that we are very strongly committed to our vision and founding objectives of the university. As a responsible and highly responsive university, our targets are clear, our dreams are known and our strategy are well defined.

“I want to confirm to you that this university has aspires to become one of the unit of 1-10 Universities in Nigeria by 2026 and becoming one of the 1-25 universities in Africa also by 2026.

“We know the requirements to achieve all these and we are working very rigorously and vigorously to achieve this. We know too that a consistent peaceful environment conducive for teaching and learning that’s devoid of rancour, strike and students violence is critical and this is why we have laboured to stabilise our system, established it and sustain it.

“We know the role of committed staff and the role our staff we play and we know the level of their satisfaction will play in driven the in driven the agenda of this University,” he stated.

  • Yusuf Oketola

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