Victoria Beckham’s Blood Set To Perform Healing

Victoria Beckham’s Blood Set To Perform Healing
  • PublishedJanuary 17, 2019

Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham just spent about (£1,200) or ($1, 542) on skin moisturizer made from her blood.

Beckham was a member of the English pop-girl group, Spice girls, which was formed in 1994 and is also the wife of football star, David Beckham.

According to the former singer and fashion designer, the beauty product is used to create healing factors. She took to her Instagram to tell the world about the new product.

She said,“@drbarbarasturm took my blood and created healing factors made by my own cells which is highly inflammatory and regenerative.

“I’ll be testing it out this week both morning and night,”she said.

Barbara Sturm is well known for endogamous blood therapy which is also referred to as “vampire facials”.

According to a report by Daily Mail, “during a patient’s initial consultation, some of the patient’s blood was removed and fed through a syringe containing metal beads, which tricked the blood into thinking that they were wounds.

“This step is required to to produce the healing proteins IL-1 and TGF-beta.

“If used regularly, the moisturiser can lead to reduced inflammation, strengthened tissue and collagen growth,“ the report said.

The mother of four is very particular about her skincare routine and spends a fortune on her hair and skin daily.

She rose to fame in the 90s with the Spice Girls and later delved into the fashion industry.

The models eponymous label was launched in September 2008 and in November 2011when she won the Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

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