Aweskim Technology Partners With Apple

Aweskim Technology Partners With Apple
  • PublishedJanuary 17, 2019

A leading dealer of used phones in Nigeria Aweskim technology recently signed a deal with leading mobile retail giant SLOT to be its official Trade-In partner.

The company has also been working in partnership with Apple since 2015 as an official retail partner for used phones.

The company became an official retail partner for used phones for Apple in 2015. Aweskim technology recently commenced the trade in and buy back scheme, which allows customers trade in old phones for a new device at any SLOT store..

According to the managing director of the company Mr. Paul Oloruntobi Oluwatosin, “We started trading on certified used Apple devices exclusively in 2015, prior to that we sold Apple and Blackberry devices. As soon as a new Apple phone is launched, Aweskim device would be amongst the first to shelf the product , we pride ourselves in the fact that our brand has consistently been amongst the first to deliver the new Iphones as soon as they are launched in the Nigerian market. After, Blackberry closed shop, we started dealing solely on apple devices. 100%.

“Our unique partnership with Apple and certain manufacturers of android phones have made us unique and exceptional as far as the selling of used phones are concerned. All our phones are directly purchased from the authorised manufacturers of the phone, we do not source for phones from Nigeria.. Sometimes, we are contacted by manufacturers- Apple included- to buy out stock, we also directly deal with certain wholesalers who purchase their products directly from Apple. This is to avoid purchasing badly used, damaged or stolen phones”. He explained.

“For those who are only interested in selling off their devices, we ensure they come with the phone’s box and a receipt: when the receipt isn’t available, the customer is required to write an undertaken and attach a copy of a valid ID card, all these measures are put in place to ensure that only quality goods are bought and sold. ” he clarified.

Aweskim technology, recently opened a store in Abuja so that Abuja customers can benefit from their services of selling good and reliable used phones. The company plans to extend to other 35 states of the country as soon as possible.

Source: PM News

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