TY Bello and Tope Alabi release Album, Spirit of Light

TY Bello and Tope Alabi release Album, Spirit of Light
  • PublishedJanuary 27, 2019

Popular photographer and singer, Toyin Bello, known as, has created a platform for new album with the sonorous singer Tope Alabi: A collaboration, which seemed the icing on the cake for Toyin.

Alabi, a successful gospel musician with 10 albums to her name, has one of the most unique voices on the gospel scene. Her songs are evocative and rhythmical, with deep Yoruba language paeans.

For TY, the collaboration was “purely inspired by God”.

In a statement titled, Unscripted, she said: “It happened in a room with white walls. A polished grand piano, a keyboardist, a lead guitarist, a talking drummer and an audience of friends who were eager to tune their minds to songs never written, never heard and never performed.”

She continued, “and then we all waited, waiting for no one in particular but waiting for the one in particular. The sound engineers had readied their microphones, adjusted the decibels of every technology that would aid the smooth production and recording of excellent sounds.

“And then He arrived the room. The One we had all been waiting for showed up like He owned the air that filled the room. Like He Had waited for us to recognise His presence at our discretion.” She added, “Tope Alabi felt a sensation and approached the microphone in a hurry, taking a posture of reverence as she sang, welcoming the presence of the sweet Holy Spirit who was already in our midst and we hadn’t noticed earlier.”

TY Bello followed, listening keenly to the direction that has been impressed on Tope’s heart. “Then came the spontaneous songs, as easy as a breeze- all seventeen songs, racing towards each other in worship, warfare, admonition and encouragement such that the listener has a full experience of God’s presence no matter where there were tilted in the journey called life,” TY Bello said. “The smooth blend of eloquent words of eulogy in brilliant Yoruba language from Tope Alabi was a lesson in pure palpable worship. Like reading the book of Jobs and Psalms simultaneously, but in slow hurry.”

Titled, The Spirit of Light, the album has 17 unscripted songs performed live over a three-hour period. It features the already successful single, Logan Ti O De and sets the pace for other hit singles such as Awa Gbe Oga and All The Glory Belongs To You.

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