There’s Finally Another Way To Play Through Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 13

There’s Finally Another Way To Play Through Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 13
  • PublishedMarch 28, 2017

Square Enix promised that they would “fix” Chapter 13 in Final Fantasy XV, and so they have. Not only is it possible to play through the controversial chapter in a new way, but it’s also possible to play the chapter much quicker thanks to a new buff.

Kotaku is reporting that Chapter 13: Verse 2 for Final Fantasy XV opens up another route in the level that allows players to take on the role of Gladiolus, Noctis’ bodyguard. Instead of playing as Noctis through the level, you have the choice of using Gladiolus and Ignis, trekking through the area and fighting enemies.

Kotaku notes that this is a precursor to the new DLC dropping on March 28th entitled Episode Gladiolus. The update for Chapter 13 putting gamers in the role of Gladiolus means that they’ll have some bit of knowledge as to how the bodyguard fights and what they can expect if they do decide to purchase the new DLC.

The chapter overhaul doesn’t end there. There’s also the alternative way in which Noctis can use his ring to quickly and more efficiently dispose of the demons roaming the halls. During this chapter, Noctis will lose all his equipment and a lot of his powers, so the majority of Chapter 13 in Final Fantasy XV will rely on players having to stealth their way through the hallways and avoid the possessed patrols walking around.

Not everyone was in love with this decision from Square, so instead of leaving it alone they decided to fix it. Technically, it didn’t detract too much from the rest of the game, and it was just literally that one segment. Even still, Square decided to overhaul the chapter and add the option to play as Gladiolus, which is something players will be able to do from the menu when the time arrives.

Now, to be honest, I do think that adding the Gladiolus segment will help improve the level to the extent that more variety is always a good thing. It’s still an odd design decision for a game like Final Fantasy XV, which came out months ago, but if it helps with tail-end sales then there’s nothing wrong with that.

In addition to the playability features that they’ve overhauled, they’ve also taken liberties with fleshing out the game’s other characters. Two of the more prominent story characters from Final Fantasy XV that weren’t actually featured in the game itself were Ravus and the Emperor. In the free update the cinematics will further address the fate that befalls Ravus, Lady Luna’s brother. It will also showcase what happens to the Niflheim Emperor.

Whether or not this will quell the frustrations of some who felt as if the story wasn’t properly fleshed out in Final Fantasy XV remains to be seen, but it should at least help give more closure for those who wanted it.

The free update is available right now for those who own the game on Xbox One or PS4. The premium DLC featuring Gladiolus will be available from March 28th onward. The DLC covers the story contents centered around the bodyguard’s prodigal quest away from the rest of the group, where he retrieves a hefty facial scar for his efforts. I’m sure Square is hedging bets on people playing the new Chapter 13 update for Final Fantasy XV and then picking up the DLC a day later.

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