Sultan Of Sokoto To Commission Osogbo Central Mosque On Friday

Sultan Of Sokoto To Commission Osogbo Central Mosque On Friday
  • PublishedApril 25, 2019

The Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar is expected to be in Osogbo, Osun, on Friday to commission the Osogbo Central Mosque following its completion and remodeling by the Asiwaju of the town, Alhaji Hammed Adewole Omidiran.

Speaking to newsmen on the commissioning of the mosque, the Asiwaju of Osogbo, Alhaji Hammed Omidiran said the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Nigeria, Adnan Bostaji would join the Sultan to commission the mosque while 40 traditional rulers, league of Imam and Alfas in Osun and other states would also be on ground at the occasion, which is to be chaired by Dr Aluko.

Omidiran explained that he took it upon himself to rehabilitate and complete the central mosque, one of the largest in Osun, was because the old structure was not befitting Osogbo town as a state capital.

Speaking on why he came up with idea of building and remodeling the mosque which majority of people believe was not befitting Osogbo town as a state capital, the Asiwaju of Osogbo said the decision came on the heel of the passion he has for the development of the ancient town.

He expressed gratitude to Almighty Allah for being able to complete the project saying with the completion of the mosques, he felt fulfilled.

He further said for the years past, he had it mind to build a ultra modern mosque that would befit the state capital, having discovered that despite the huge amount of money generated from many fund raising occasions, the mosque still remain the way it was.

He said the mosque which has worn new look now would serve Muslims in the town in the worship of Allah, saying he believes in Qur’anic allusion and what Prophet Muhammed says that “whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it paradise”

“In the 60s when I was living in Ile-Ife before I finally settled down in Osogbo, for more than three times I was invited to chairman fund raising occasions in the old mosque.

” later I discovered that the mosque still remain the way it was despite the huge amount of money generated from events, so I decided to build the mosque and donate it to the community.

“I financed the mosque from the beginning to the end singlehandedly without collecting a dime from anybody.

“Although, people came to me to contribute but I said no, they should stay clear and I give thanks to Almighty Allah for giving me the ability to complete the project while I am still alive.

“It is not only this mosque Allah has given me ability to build. Apart from Ataoja Central Mosque, I have built not less than five mosques, two in Ile-Ife, where my house and office are sited, another one at the Sasa market, in our family house and in my residence here. It is not by my power but by the grace of Almighty Allah.” he said

He explained that he was a very close ally to the late Ataoja of Osogbo, Oba Montanmi, stating that when he discovered that the Ataojas’ palace was not befitting, he volunteered himself to build the present palace.

He further recounted, ” apart from the donation of palace , when former Gov. Bamigboye banned traders from selling market along the roads I secured 10 hetcheers of land for them at Sasa without collecting a dime from each and everyone of them.

Also, I bought 70 hetchers of land and gave it to the Federal Government when they approached me that they needed land for construction of companies.

“Not less than 25 persons are on my payroll, I paid them salaries every months. I have sponsored many Muslims to Mecca for Hajj, to mention just few.”

Promising not to relent in his efforts to continue to support the work of Allah and the well-being of the poor, Omidiran appealed to good indigene of the town both at home and in diaspora to emulate the spirit of turning a new leaf through doing well to God, proclaiming His words, supporting His work, shunning thuggery and any form of activities that is capable of tarnishing their names.

He however prayed God to protect those that would be coming to grace the occasion and return them safely back to their various destination.

That the mosque is the largest to be single handedly built and donated by any individual in recent history.

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