STRIKER: Reign Of Truth And Justice

STRIKER: Reign Of Truth And Justice
  • PublishedNovember 3, 2023

WHEREAS there is no absolute truth, all truths being relative, there are agreed facts of the matter that only so-called idiots will deny as not being facts or truth. For instance, and at the risk of being simplistic, the President of Nigeria as at today is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the sun rises from the East and sets in the West just as there are only 24 hours in one day. You may give the person or the realities another nomenclature; it does not change the essential realities except in name.

Justice on the other hand is straightforwardly defined, even as it is much more difficult to get a consensus on it. From the moral, philosophical or legal angles, it is universally agreed that the goal of justice is impartiality. It is the objective of justice that people are treated fairly, properly and reasonably: equally, without partiality; that way, justice is done.

There is no doubt that where truth and justice reign, you will have nothing but a just, free and prosperous society; the two are indisputable component of democratic societies, and no wonder that the 2nd Stanza of the National Anthem of the Federal Republic of Nigeria highlighted the desire for truth – “Help our youths the TRUTH to know…,” “And living just and TRUE…” and ends by setting the attainment of a society where there is the reign of peace and JUSTICE as the ultimate national goal, being clear that peace in itself is a consequence of truth and justice!

However, almost all citizens of that country are quiet on the most fundamental and very first lie that they are living: a country that is not a Republic and not a Federation! That lie happens to be the very foundation of all injustices they are wallowing today. Yet, hardly does anybody care, as majority groan in poverty and misery while desperately searching for ways out of man-made tribulations.

An Operating System is the core and root of performing any systematic and sensitive, complex task. It is specifically designed for that task desired. You cannot seek to fly a rocket to the moon with Microsoft Windows 2000. Anybody that does that is likely to labour in vain all lifetime without getting off the ground. Citizens cannot live in a patently unitary state, with people having all kinds of “blue-blood” privileges as they gallivant around and above the law with sickening impunity, and expect to “build a nation where peace and justice reign,” having violated the very foundation and jettisoned the “operating system” bequeathed to them by their “Founding Fathers” as conceded to even by their departing “colonial masters.”

With the foundational  FEDERAL  and REPUBLIC “operating system” thrown to the dogs, and replaced with a Unitary regime of presidential system and bi-cameral legislature that is overloaded with corruption, rooted in a race to control oil money receipt for wilful spending as the sole national preoccupation of the power elite for which politics has become a do-or-die affair rather than responsibility and service to the people – the majority – it is a road block to anything lofty, just, democratic – a road to anything but truth, peace and justice. The harvest can be nothing less than endless motion without movement in seasons of anomy; everything good will be dying gradually as monstrosities grow wings and flourish.

There is no other solution and nothing 37 anointed Saint of God sent down from heaven to become President and Governors can achieve in term of goodness and prosperity other than the waste of maximum of eight precious years in the lifetime of the citizens until we return to the original operating system.

As point-blank truth, if you gather 100 politicians today, 90 are against that return; so forget that route! How are we then going to get back to being a Federal Republic of Nigeria, without which we are simply living a lifetime of “sorrow, tears and blood” expecting miracles from where none will come while looking for what we think is lost that is right in our pocket as a super blessed nation of truly good people being turned to monsters? “The People” should start talking seriously and vehemently about it to start with and be ready to get it done “by any means necessary!”

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