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STRIKER: For A Democratic World Order

STRIKER: For A Democratic World Order
  • PublishedMarch 25, 2022


DEMOCRACY is everywhere desirable: within families, organisations, political parties, nations and international relations. Democracy is universally embraced such that the age of ‘Might is Right’ may be consigned to the dustbin of history. However, the travails of democracy everywhere, in practice, are many; as with underdeveloped countries fancifully labelled “developing countries,” so with advanced countries and with international relations: ‘Might is Right’ is far from being consigned to history’s dust bin! The “advanced” countries only being decent with their crudity while the “third world” political elites are simply being their crude, feudalistic selves; everything crudely playing out on the international arena as a theatre of “beasts of no nation.”

Humanity everywhere struggling for a just, democratic World Order has a new impetus to renew their struggles in the Russia-Ukraine war that clearly exposes the tyranny of might over right and reason; and the suppression of the wishes of the majority by the inordinate and insatiable greed of the few for worldly vanities. Russia erring on the part of its safety still errs but it brings out in naked and bold relief the injustice and double standard of western politics and (im)morality: obvious all along to the learned; to be doubted or denied by the ignorant, the mischievous, and those with vested interests.

The “solidarity” of western media and sporting organisations becomes more depressing and disgusting when one remembers their responses (or lack of it in criminal silence) to more inhuman atrocities committed by the west all over the world. Lengthy is the list of assassinations, invasions, sponsored coups, et cetera, by United States of America and its Western NATO allies, to terminate progressive lives and development processes all over the “third world,” not to mention violent conquests, enslavement and colonisation. Apart from Apartheid in America, Europe and South Africa, in order to even occupy the present-day geographical space called America after its “discovery” by Christopher Columbus in 1492, millions of American Indians were wiped out without remorse by European invaders, and till today without apologies or reparations, only to immorally put it in movies as “Cowboys and Indians.” Wikipedia says “Indigenous people north and south were displaced, died of disease and were killed by Europeans through slavery, rape and war. In 1491, about 145 million people lived in the western hemisphere. By 1691, the population of indigenous Americans had declined by 90-95 percent, or by around 130 million people.” That is 130 million people wiped out by Europeans just to own their land!

The world forgets easily that black people, Africans, could not vote or even sit in the same place with white people in the USA until after 1960 (that is after Nigeria’s Independence); for the eventual attainment of which goal Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were both cruelly assassinated. A nation going around the world as champion of human rights and democracy has cops killing black people without reason, not only till Floyd George and today but till tomorrow and till Africa rises again! The ordeal of hundreds of years of slavery is only better forgiven but never forgotten, even as it is unmitigated and systematically sustained till date; ahead of every Premier League fixture, players and coaches still take the knee today!

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and all wars in general are regrettable and should be avoided at all cost. The inevitability of most wars are due to intolerance for democracy; anti-democratic acts and double standards, by hegemonic elites across the world and at the so-called “international community” and the United Nations, which Fela Anikulapo Kuti labelled “Egbekegbe – Bad Society” run by elites he labelled “Beasts of No Nation” in his timeless 1989 album of that name.

While appealing to popular organisations, once again, to rise from their slumber and live up to their billings in the struggle for genuine government of the people by the people and for the people in form and content, let them locate the Russia-Ukraine war in proper historical context, call for peace and genuine democracy in the world, and an end to a NATO-inspired American world (dis)order from which none profits, not even Europe as a region, nor ordinary Europeans, except of course warmongers, dogs of war and the military-industrial business magnates. 

Democracy is for real only when it is a system where every man and woman reaps what he/she sows and everyone is his/her brother’s and sister’s keeper, guaranteed by governments and states enthroned by the majority. Only then can we have a genuine international community of nations and an end to “United” Nations where “one veto vote is equal to 92 or more!” “What kind of sense is that? Na animal sense.”


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