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Protest Rocks Otan-Ile Over Fulani Herdsmen

Protest Rocks Otan-Ile Over Fulani Herdsmen
  • PublishedApril 30, 2021

Protest rocked Otan-ile community in Obokun Local Government Area of the State of Osun on Thursday.

Residents of the community who are largely youths came out en-mass to protest the indiscriminate arrest of some members of the community by the Police.

The protesters claimed that innocent indigenes of the town were arrested by the police for opposing the invasion of Fulani herdsmen in their farmlands.

They frowned at the act and described it as callous and uncalled for.

Armed with banners, flags, and placards with different inscriptions some of which include, ” We reject Bororo in our community,” “We don’t want them again in our locality,” ” They are destroyers and inhuman in action.”

The protesters said they embarked on protest to show their grievances on the spate of destruction on their farmlands by the Fulanis.

In the same vein, some women in the community also prepared traditional fetish objects and placed them in different junctions of the town to show their displeasure against the one sided attitude of the police.

Some of the youths said they are fed up with the excesses of the Fulani herdsmen and the connivance with the police.

“So, we are baffled at the way the herdsmen are threatening us on our lands. They continue to use police to arrest our people, detain them and make them pay for bail for offenses they know nothing about.

“Where would our people get rifles? What they use here is local or dane guns and the bullets removed from cows are not local bullets.

“We have resolved that these people should vacate our community since cohabitation is not working. We can’t be threatened on our lands and continue as if nothing is happening.”

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