Cleric Urges Youths To Shun Valentine Celebration

Cleric Urges Youths To Shun Valentine Celebration
  • PublishedFebruary 13, 2018

By Sodiq Lawal

A Lagos based cleric, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Abdul Ganiyy has urged Nigerian youths to shun the celebration of Valentine.

Delivering a lecture at the Enuwa mosque in Ile Ife, the cleric described Valentine’s Day as of pagan origin as it promotes promiscuity and ungodly intimate relationship among men and women.

According to him, “It is sad to note that youths celebrate such an occasion without knowing its origin, we follow Western culture in the name of modernisation without knowing that such culture is against ours.

“Our hotels and restaurants are  ramped up promotions for the occasion, offering roses inscribed with sentimental proclamations, idyllic seaside escapes and candlelight dinners with popular singers serenading lovers without having the knowledge of the celebration. Many loses their virginity, many drinks alcohol and do lots of social miscreants with all in the name of celebrating Valentine.

“Instead of doing anything special on 14th February of every year, why not chose another day to have fun with your legal lover, and stop spreading mischief on the land. Love between husband and wife or other manner of persons is not meant to be celebrated yearly.”

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