Pastor Tony Rapu Reveals When Love Begins In Marriage

Pastor Tony Rapu Reveals When Love Begins In Marriage
  • PublishedOctober 8, 2018
The senior pastor of House of Freedom, Dr. Tony Rapu has disclosed the point when love begins in marriage while advising members o social media.
The pastor posted a picture with his wife saying;
Falling in love is a great thing. But the truth is that the feeling from the experience is best described as “puppy love” rather than true love. As much as one might wish to think that his or her infatuation is the real thing and will last forever, it never does. Infatuation is just the beginning. The pleasurable feeling it creates is God’s way of encouraging a man and woman to grow interested in one another and begin the journey towards marriage.
When infatuation ends, the honeymoon is over and the feelings begin to disappear, this is when true love kicks in. It is here that couples will often face a dilemma. The journey to true love can either pick up at this point or the marriage nosedives. Couples who key in to true love will begin to appreciate their marriage moving into another dimension. Those who don’t will find they have little motivation to maintain their relationship once the infatuation wears off. Beyond the stage of infatuation lies the place of sacrifice, serving, sharing life and a spiritual bond together. Ultimately, true love leads to developing a lifelong friendship with the one we married.
 Realistically, there will be disagreements; needs will not always be met; there will be times of loneliness and not all problems will be resolved. That’s marriage. That’s reality. Working through these differences is part of what makes up true, lasting love. .
 Remember that God is the author of true, unselfish love. If you want true love, go to God for it, for He can give you the power and desire to put into practice the little things in marriage that constitute true love.
 May your marriage reap the lasting benefits of true love!

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