Osun And Its Safe Serenity, By Uju Nobei

Osun And Its Safe Serenity, By Uju Nobei
  • PublishedOctober 5, 2017

Unarguably, one of the safest states in Nigeria that has every tide that opportunities can grow in, with much prospects for futuristic excellence.

That’s Osun, led by the Visionary Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. You may want to trade some tackles with me on Osun, one of the most talked about states in Nigeria with much publicity on the negative side mostly on the Salary palava, but I will tell you that what the Symbol of Good Governance has achieved in Osun is little to rubbish with the multi-farious interventions that has rated the state high.

Aside the highly commendable infrastructural transformation of the state by the incumbent governor, one of the key areas government has invested in that has continued to yield results is to make the state habitable and serene for development.

Security, a major constitutional duty of government is relatively adjudged to be on the plus mark for Aregbesola. As of July 2017, Osun is ranked the 13th safest state in Nigeria as released by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Since 2010 when he came on board, he has succeeded in instituting the Swift Action Squad (SAS) in the state, the procurement of Armoured Personnel Carriers for the Security Agencies in the state as well as regular grants coupled with constant delivery of equipment to the Police, Department of State Services, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) among others.

The government has done a lot in securing the state. With this efforts effectively monitored despite the financial hard times the state is facing, residents and citizens of the State of Osun are appreciative of the fact that the administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola has for the past six and half years prioritized security that has in a great deal promoted peace, progress, and banished the threat of insecurity in the state.

Some residents of the state who also spoke on the security of the state since they relocated commended the doggedness and focus of government in making the environment serene, safe and habitable for all irrespective of religion, age, political inclination or gender.

Aside the constitutionally recognized security outfits, The State Government has also enjoyed the support of vigilante groups consisting of youths and others to ensure that the state is safe as well as providing employment opportunities.

The Osun Citizen’s Meditation Centre known as O-meditation also supported the cause. Statistically, the distribution of 125 patrol vans to security agencies, provision of an helicopter for aerial surveillance, regular financial supports for both local vigilante group and other security agencies, provision of 25 fully equipped armoured personnel carrier; recruitment of thousands of youth into Osun Sheriff corps, traffic marshals, Edu-marshal were among others provided for the benefit of Osun citizens and residents as stated above.

Government did also not forget providing security in the education sector, Edu-Marshals have been positioned at strategic places in different schools to help limit school confusion, and aimless loitering of students on the streets and around the school vicinity, to make sure students are secured.

Without mincing words, the State Government of Osun has done a great job in limiting crime and making the state safe, not just the safest in the South-West Nigeria, but the 13th safest in the country at large.

And with all this feats, Governor Rauf Aregbesola is unwavered to do more and even work till the state reaches its envisaged destination of being the 1st Safest State in Nigeria.


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