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Osun Popular Media Practitioner Allegedly Unleashes Machete Cut On Son

Osun Popular Media Practitioner Allegedly Unleashes Machete Cut On Son
  • PublishedMay 2, 2020

•Wife Seeks Divorce, Says Her Life Under Threat

By Solomon Odeniyi

A popular media practitioner and indigene
​of Osogbo, State of Osun, Tunde
​Onilewura has allegedly unleashed machete cut on his 18-year-old son, Fadilulahi.

Onilewura, according to his wife, Khadijat, had on December 18, 2019, cut the left hand of his son with cutlass because he (the son) had a grown hairstyle.

Khadijat who spoke with OSUN DEFENDER on Tuesday with an emotion-laden voice, accused Onilewuraof threatening her life, saying that the notable member of the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (FIBAN) was about to sniff life out of her.

The woman stated that she had moved out of Onilewura’s home,with the four children she bore for him after filing divorce.

But the divorce application has yet to be heard in court owing to the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Khadijat, the media practitioner had on February 6, 2020 arrested her mother, Sherifat Bello on the allegation that she kidnapped his children, just as he accused her (Khadijat) of breaking into his house and that she stole a sum of N500, 000 in the process.

Bello was detained till the following day before she was released by the police after they found out that Onilewurahad given them false information, said the woman.

Khadijat said: “On December 18, 2020, my husband, Taofeek unleashed machete cut on our son, Fadilulahi. He actually wanted to cut him on his head before the boy protected himself with his left hand. He said the boy left his hair to grow beyond normal, and he said he had disowned him.

“I did not want to make report at police station because I thought it was a family matter and I did not want to expose him to the public. I took my son to my mother who took Fadilulahi to the hospital. My mother was responsible for the hospital; bills and other expenses incurred on the treatment.

“My husband did not ask about Fadilulahi until three weeks after. He asked me to leave the house if I did not bring Fadilulahi back home. I brought him back home and when he saw the plaster on Fadilulahi’s hand, he said we were acting film. Still, he did not give me peace at home.

“When I discovered that my life was not safe at home, I filed a divorce at Customary Court, Erin-Osun and I left home on January 23, 2020. He was served the divorce notice at Osun State Broadcasting Corporation.

“Before the end of January, he came to arrest me at my daughter’s school at Sadiat, Oke-Ayepe area of Osogbo. I was taken to Ataoja Police Station where he lied that I broke into his house and stole his properties and kidnapped his children. But the policemen released me when I stated the facts of the matter.

“On February 6, 2020 he came to arrest my mother and she was detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department. Onilewura had told to police that my mother kidnapped his children and that I also stole his N500, 000. My mum was detained till the following day. She was later released when the police knew the facts of the matter.

“On Saturday, April 11, 2020 he came with thugs to my mother’s house at Ogo-Oluwa and they attempted to take my last child, Afsat away. But the thugs later released the girl when she was crying. The issue generated tension in the area and people felt disappointed in him.


“He had on different occasions beaten my younger sister, and molested my mum. He has been harassing me everywhere. I can no longer walk freely because of his constant harassment. My children cannot go out. I have abandoned the house I rented because of his threats and harassment.

“I want the security people and other well-meaning Nigerians to come to my aid. He can do anything at anytime. We have always been closing our gate with the fear that he can come in to attack us anytime. Prominent people in Osogbo had intervened in the matter but he has not ceased from molesting me.”

When contacted, Onilewura said: “That is a wronginformation.” He went further to rain curses on OSUN DEFENDER reporter, saying in Yoruba language that “epeni o pa o.”

However, the affected son, Fadilulahi corroborated her mother’s claim, affirming that his father actually cut him with cutlass.

He said: On that day, my dad gave me N200 to go and cut my hair. I went to the barber’s shop but he was not around. I returned home to tell my dad but immediately I entered the house, he fled up and he did not listen to me. He brought out cutlass and wanted to machete me on the head. I protected myself with me hand and I ran out of the house with blood.

“I met my mother on the staircase and she was worried and shouting. She asked me to go and meet grandma for treatment. Our neighbour did not show concern because my dad his known for his behaviour. He always beat my mother. We all fear him.”

When asked if he was ready to reconcile with his father, the 18-year-old boy said: “I don’t have anything to do with him again. I have not been answering his call because there is nothing to discuss with him. The person that unleash machete cut on me can do worse thing if I go back to him.“

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