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Osun Citizens Left In Fear After Omisore Promises Excessive Discipline During Debate

Osun Citizens Left In Fear After Omisore Promises Excessive Discipline During Debate
  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2018

The debate held by Channels TV yesterday in Osun which involved ADC candidate Faitai Akinbade, ADP’s Moshood Adeoti, APC’s Gboyega Oyetola and SDP’s Iyinola Omisore exposed the people of Osun to their possible leaders and their intentions if they emerge victorious in the coming election.

The debate just like every other was insightful, entertaining and educative for both citizens of the state and viewers worldwide. However, citizens, where left in horror after listening to the strong, scary tone of Omisore’s repeated promises of discipline in a state, has been tagged as one of the most peaceful in the country.

Omisore who is contesting for the third time after already having been deputy governor of the state, criticized every aspect of the present administration, which also striked fear in the mind of the citizens. A citizen of the state who monitored the debate, Morenike Tijani who is a banker in the state revealed her fear in the aspirants’ intentions, saying;

“If he sees nothing good in the works of the present administration, continuity would be be the last thing on his agenda which is not what we want. We want someone who would perfect the works already ongoing in the state. ”

During the debate, Omisore’s confidence was great and so was his inability to compose himself and hide discontent when he felt such which created more of amusement to viewers than content. The former PDP member who later moved to SDP while trying to get a shot at contesting repeatedly expressed how the state lacked discipline which he was going to seriously work on, as discipline was his first solution to almost every question asked.

Finally, he shot himself in the foot when he disclosed that it would take 22 years to to repair the damages in the state, which left members of the crowd saying it meant that he could not even create the change he was fighting for, so why not leave it to people who can do more work under a short period.

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