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7 Things We Got From The 2018 Osun Governorship Debate

7 Things We Got From The 2018 Osun Governorship Debate
  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2018

Following all that happened during the debate between Osun governorship candidates in the state capital, a few things were picked by viewers which will greatly influence the coming elections.

Opon Imo Is Such A Success, Even The Opposing Camps Are Well Educated As To It’s Contents

In a weak attempt to rubbish the present administration and its achievements, SDP candidate Iyinola Omisore claimed the Opon Imo initiative was a scam as the students were not given the item in their various schools. It is ironic that a man who claims an initiative is a scam, and that the item in question was not given to students knows so much details about it’s contents which APC’s Gboyega Oyetola was quick to point out thereby ruling out the project ever being a scam.

Omisore Is A Man Of Steel

Omisore proofed himself as a man of steel and a little aggression during the 2 hour debate, not only with his repeated issue of discipline, but his gestures when he didn’t agree with something any opponent said.

Adeoti Cannot Give Precise Answers To Questions

This was perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of the evening. Not once was Moshood Adeoti able to answer any of the questions addressed to him precisely and in good time. His answers were also very far from the questions asked and members of the public present wondered if the former chief of staff was even grounded in the affairs of the state enough to dream of being the governor of the state.

Osun Does Not Owe Salaries

Through APC’s candidate, the public was educated on the issue of salaries when he was asked why the state owed salaries. Through his explanation the public understood that the civil servants were on modulated slaries and the state was paying the salaries. Level 1-7 get their full salaries, level 8-10 get 75%, 12 and above get 50% of their salaries.

Adeoti Feels Zoning Should Be Considered Instead Of Competence

Moshood Adeoti falls under the existing few who feel that zoning must first be considered instead of Competence in the race to voting for the next governor of the state. According to his speech during the debate, Adeoti feels that although the two should be considered, zoning was very important. And so, we are left in shock that he feels even though the person representing the zone is not competent enough as seen during the debate.

Oyetola Explained The Misgivings About Same Uniform Policy

When the issue of the general uniform for all the students was raised, Oyetola was clear to say explain how it came to play and how the policy could be changed. According to him, the present administration decided on a single uniform for the students to save the parents the cost of uniforms as the uniforms were given to the students for free. He however disclosed that the policy could be reviewed if further analyzed.

Adeleke Would Rather Call His Little Nephew For A Concert Than Educate Us On What He Intends To Do For The State

For those who have already been following politics in Osun since campaign started, it is not a surprise that the dancing senator Ademola Adeleke has shyed away from any debate both on radio and TV. What however baffled the public was that while others got ready for the debate, the Senator alongside his musician nephew who is meant to be a Corp member in camp were dancing away their sorrow during a rally.

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