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Osun Assembly Passes Sand Dealing And Dredging Operation Bill

Osun Assembly Passes Sand Dealing And Dredging Operation Bill
  • PublishedMarch 2, 2018

By Isreal Afolabi

The State parliament of Osun has passed the State Regulation of Sand Dealing and Dredging Operation bill 2018 into law.

The parliament also considered for first reading of the state Independent Electoral Commission bill 2018 at the plenary presided over by the speaker, Dr Najeem Salaam.

The passage of the State of Osun regulation of sand dealing and dredging operation bill 2018 into law was consequent upon the third reading by the state legislature.

Addressing the plenary, the speaker of the parliament Dr Najeem Salaam observed that now that the rule is in place it would serve as effective guide for the operation as it would facilitate due process in the environment.

Dr Salaam also maintained that the law would be of immense benefit to the state especially in the area of revenue generation.

According to him, “this bill will help and make our environment neat, clean and safer as well”.

Commending the lawmakers on their efforts in the process, he stated that the Assembly had done its part in passing the bill into law and adding that what remains is the assent of the Governor to make it effective.

In related development, the state of Osun Independent electoral commission bill 2018 was considered for first reading at the plenary.

However, following extensive deliberation, the bill was committed to the joint house committee on judiciary and local government and chieftaincy affairs.

This, according to the speaker, who had read a letter from the governor of the state of Osun concerning the bill, would fast track the process of consideration and passage.

Earlier, Dr Salaam had notified the lawmakers that the resolution of the House of Assembly on the section of the constitution proposed for amendment by the National Assembly had been forwarded on 22nd February, 2018 to the appropriate quarters through the conference of speaker.

Dr Salaam appreciated the thoughtful contributions of his colleagues during the debate on constitution amendment, while he stated that the receipt of the document had also been acknowledged by concerned authorities.

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