Elombah Brothers Plead Not Guilty To Cyber Crime And Terrorism Charges

Elombah Brothers Plead Not Guilty To Cyber Crime And Terrorism Charges
  • PublishedMarch 2, 2018

Daniel and Timothy Elombah, the two journalist brothers sued by police Inspector-General, Ibrahim Idris, have pleaded not guilty to four counts of charges of cyber crime and terrorism.

Count 4 of the charge accused Timothy Elombah of publishing an article called “Roadmap to Biafra” thereby intending to commit a “crime against humanity”.

The brothers were arrested on January 1 on allegations that they published an article critical of Mr. Idris, who immediately deployed officers and public resources to track them down.

The police said the brothers published the insulting article on their website,

The brothers denied defaming the Inspector General Of Police saying they never published the article for which they are being charged.

The court heard from the prosecutor after the matter came up at 11:40 a.m. on Thursday that the brothers knew that the article was defamatory but went ahead to run it, anyway.

Festus Keyamo, SAN, who appeared for the Elombahs, deplored the charges brought against his clients.

“It is a shame that people are still being put on trial at this age over something they said about those in power,” he said.

A court paper cited by our correspondent revealed that the Publishers of Elombah News were charged for cyber crime, cyber stalking, cyber bullying and for “championing Biafra terrorism”.

Police are charging the Elombah brothers for cyber bullying and cyber stalking the Inspector General Of Police, Ibrahim Kpotum Idris.

Today’s hearing, which is the first in the trial, is still ongoing before the presiding judge, Gabriel Kolawole.

Trial continues on May 3, 2018.

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