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Opposition Has No Plan For Osun, Says Speaker

  • PublishedJuly 21, 2017

By Israel Afolabi 

Worried by the level of destructive criticism by the opposition against Governor Rauf Aregbesola administration, the Speaker, State of Osun House of Assembly, Honourable Najeem Salaam has challenged youths to demand the blueprint of those who clamour to upstage All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

Salaam, in a statement signed by his Press Secretary, Goke Butika, while addressing Ejigbo APC youth forum, said those who have an axe to grind with Aregbesola’s administration should offer credible alternative with detailed explanation on how to fund their pipe dreams, saying devil is in the detail.

He hinged on the fact that since the establishment of Osun as a state, the only time when development was conspicuously offered is now, during Aregbesola’s time.

According to him, it would be a very costly mistake for the people to think that the state would be pushed back to the aisle of the opposition after it has aligned with the centre and some of its programmes were copied for replication by the federal government and some states, PDP states inclusive.

Salaam asserted that it is very challenging owing workers and pensioners any part of their dues, as it is happening in not less than 28 states out of 36 in the nation, arguing that using a national challenge to crucify a state like Osun that has not sacked a single worker upon the tough economic meltdown would be a great electoral mistake.

He said, “It is a recent history that the opposition which is currently badmouthing Aregbesola’s administration had once ruled Osun and Nigeria, and the legacy was corruption, impunity and underdevelopment, where very few politicians were sharing money meant for developmental projects.

“Now that the APC has taken the bull by the horn in fixing the country, particularly State of Osun, it would be a backward trend to return those who once plundered the resources of this country”.

Salaam further urged the people of the state not to succumb to the deception of the opposition in Osun, asking them to demand better economic blueprint from the opposition and how funds would be sourced if they find themselves in power.

He stressed that the opposition has no credible answers to the economic meltdown but were only thirsty to return to power to exploit the people and continue with their known tradition of corruption and impunity.

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