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Akere Denies Defection Rumour, Says Diekola Is On His Own

Akere Denies Defection Rumour, Says Diekola Is On His Own
  • PublishedMay 4, 2018

By Solomon Odeniyi

The immediate past Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the State of Osun, Oluomo Sunday Akere has denied the rumour that he is defecting to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with his friend and political ally Alh Fatai Diekola. 

Akere in a press statement on Wednesday, said, “I’m a party man and a progressive to the core, my decision to stick to my political party is a personal decision and not up for debate” adding that it is better to fight for a course within than doing it without.

He said the clarification was necessary to allay the fears of his teeming admirers and well wishers, while shutting the mouth of mischief makers and busy bodies up on what he called the reckless postulations, saying, Diekola’s decision still came to him as a rude shock.

Responding to the trending news of his possible defection, Akere said he does not see that happening at all and he reaffirmed his love and loyalty to the progressive family.

On the possibility of conflict of interest and vacuum arising between him and his long time Political friend and associate, Alhaji Diekola who has now moved to the PDP, he said he has always had a great relationship with him even before their path crossed in politics, saying what they share is beyond politics, therefore political differences will never be able to stand as a factor in separating them.

“FD’s decision still came to me as a rude shock, but the former APC leader knows what is best for him, and has probably taken a step best for him, wishing him all the best in his endeavour.

“I wonder why anyone would think that Alhaji Fatai Diekola’s exit from APC would automatically mean my own exit from APC as well. As a small boy then, I set the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo as my role model in politics and that has been the path I towed from UPN to SDP to UNCP to AD to AC to ACN and now APC. I have been a progressive politician all my life and remain one.

The statement stressed that “Akere has again proven that he is a solid rock in APC that does not move and cannot be moved” reiterating the fact that you don’t fight a course by running away from it.

On the preparation of his party APC for the 2018 Gubernatorial Election in Osun, Akere reaffirmed his determination to fly the banner of his party in the election and win while conforming with all the set rules and regulations of the party.

He appealed to his supporters across the state to remain steadfast in the struggle for freedom and political liberation while not succumbing to intimidation and inducement.

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