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Olorunda North Chair Assures Physically-challenged Of Proper Care

Olorunda North Chair Assures Physically-challenged Of Proper Care
  • PublishedMay 4, 2018

The Chairman, Olorunda North Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Quadri Owonikoko has assured that he would make effort to guarantee equality, rights and dignity of the physically-challenged people as everyone else.

He gave the assurance when the President of the Physically-challenged people in the State of Osun, Pastor Onitiju Kehinde and the South West at large visited Olorunda North LCDA recently.

Onitiju, during the visit, had laid emphasis on the need to include the physically challenged people in governance as they are also human beings, regretting that during election period, they are being given maximum recognition to get their votes, but when the elections are won, they are left unattended to.

Noting that the physically-challenged do not need sympathy in any form be it in crutches, wheelchair or other disabled equipments, but rather, they need employment and empowerment.

While responding, Owonikoko affirmed that the physically-challenged people truly face discrimination and this restricts them from participating in various activities in the society on an equal basis with others.

Noting that everybody is handicapped in one way or the other, either spiritually, financially or physically, he noted that the people with disability should be treated the same way able body people are being treated.

Owonikoko who noted that his administration do not look down on the Physically Challenged people and would never do, he said he would ensure that they  enjoy same right like everyone else.

He also promised to table their issues with his colleagues during their meeting and a resolution will be taken to the ministry in order to take care of them, especially during festive seasons.

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