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Nigeria’s Power Generation Improves

Nigeria’s Power Generation Improves
  • PublishedJuly 19, 2021

On Saturday July 17, power generation in Nigeria picked up at the weekend, reaching 4,823.60 mega watts.

Statistics from a unit in the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), called the National System Operator (NSO), showed that it was a 19.32 percent higher than the 4,042.40MW generated on Friday.

The NSO statistics showed that Ikeja DisCo was the highest load taker with 694,12MW, as at 8pm on Sunday. This is followed by Ibadan DisCo with 535.91. Eko DisCo was next with 535.69MW, Abuja DisCo took 455.50MW while Enugu DisCo took 381.48MW.

The Kaduna DisCo took 254.87MW, Kano DisCo 238.87MW, Port Harcourt DisCo 257.46MW, Jos DisCo 175.85MW and Yola DisCo 103.63MW.

These brought the distribution companies’ load taking to 3,989.87MW.

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