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Nigeria Ranks High for Religious Intolerance

  • PublishedJune 2, 2017

According to the Gallup International survey, national majorities that agreed or strongly agreed that superiority exists were more likely to share that belief across the categories of religion, race and culture. The eight countries where that was most the case were Paraguay, Bangladesh, the Palestinian territories, Ghana, Lebanon, Nigeria, Indonesia and Macedonia.

The poll was conducted from October to December, 2016 among 66,541 people, about 1,000 people in each country. It was carried out by phone, in person, or on-line and had a margin of error of 3 to 5 percentage points.

The main reasons that spread feelings of superiority are probably sharp internal conflicts, significant external instability and an expectation of outside intervention, and deep transformations within societies, Gallup International said.

“It is evident that all those countries which feel stable and not threatened show low levels of religious, cultural or racial superiority. And vice versa,” it said.


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