Aregbesola @ 61: Why Osun Governor Must Be Celebrated Always – DJ Bassman

Aregbesola @ 61: Why Osun Governor Must Be Celebrated Always – DJ Bassman
  • PublishedMay 29, 2018

A foremost Disk Jockey in Osun, Oluwaseun Ekundayo-Salawu popularly called DJ Bassman, has described the Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as a man worthy of celebration by those who are politically inclined and well-informed of the democratic principles, values and practices.

He said Aregbesola has proven his weights as an architect of modern Osun, archictect of good governance and as a true awoist whose every step in life has demonstrated the virtues and political ideology with which the late Sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo stood for while alive.

Ekundayo-Salawu noted that the good legacies of the Aregbesola’s administration across sectors in the last seven and half years were testimonies to the fact that he (Aregbesola) is a true student of Awoist school of thought.

The entertainer said the present administration led by Governor Aregbesola has not only served as eye-opener to good governance but also raised consciousness in people to good leadership.

He said the present administration has provided good leadership in all spheres of life as being reflected in the tremendous achievements recorded in all his programmes, polices and actions.

Ekundayo-Salawu’s commendation was made public in a statement made available to newsmen to commemorate the Aregbesola’s 61 years birthday anniversary.

The popular musical expert contented that Governor Aregbesola has provided a focused and fair leadership to all in spite the challenges attached to the coveted seat in the last seven and half years.

According to DJ Bassman, the present government in Osun has demonstrated uncommon commitment to human and capital development.

“Even blind can feel the good works our governor has been doing since he assumed ‎office while deaf can see the infrastructural developments ranging from intentional rated roads, model schools, ultra-modern hospitals and lot more.

“In all manner of government and good governance, Governor Aregbesola has proven to the world that he I a true trainee of Awolowo political tutelage.

“He (Aregbesola) has performed creditably well for the people of Osun and Nigeria as he has been a very strong pillar of support to national growth and development”, he added.‎

While applauding the leadership quality of Governor Aregbesola on his support to entertainment sector, Ekundayo-Salawu said the industry has witnessed a tremendous transformation since inception of the present government in the state.

DJ Bassman lauded the state government for making Osun the pace-setter and role model , noting that the impacts of the state at encouraging and promoting future leaders can never be over-emphasized in the history of the state and Nigeria at large.


  • A great man will always be a great man in whatever he does and intent to do. I am a Nigerian, a native of Ejigbo , in Ejigbo Local Government area but working in one of the Technical Universities , to be precise Ho Technical University, Ho-Volta Region, Ghana. I have been following my able Governor of the State of Osun and his team of responsible men and women for the good work they are doing to transform the State to an enviable state in Nigeria as it stand now. My purpose of writing this comment is to call on people of Osun State to please come together and try to maintain the wining team come the 2019 Governorship Election in the State of Osun. I am saying this because of experience I had when I visited Nigeria last year after several years outside the Nigerian soil. I boarded a vehicle from my home town Ejigbo to Osogbo just to ascertain the true of what I have been reading in Osun Defender online. To be honest we you guys, when we got to Osogbo and I was dumbfounded to see the massive development of capital city of Osun (Osogbo) State and at first I could not make my way out and I have to resort to asking for directions and questioning people for easy understanding of things going on. Please. I beg don’t let the “Jegu Jera” people come again to destroy what this Governor
    (Aregbesola) done in the State. (Iwaju ni Opa EbIti resi- Opa Ebiti Osun State ko ni resi Eyin Oo).

  • Lest I forget to wish my Governor a Happy Birth Day. May Almighty Allah grant you long life and prosperity. Secondly, happy month of Ramadan to all Muslims. May Allah reward us with the benefits associated to it. Amin. May Allah give all contestants in forthcoming elections in Nigeria the mind to resists any attempt to destabilized the voting processes before, during and after the voting process. Nigerian belongs to all the 250 ethnics in Nigeria and no one is more citizen than the other, we are all equal and share the same common destiny.

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