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Nigeria with Endless Talents Cannot Fail – Osinbajo

Nigeria with Endless Talents Cannot Fail – Osinbajo
  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2017

Elated by the potentialities of Nigeria and with its endless flow of talents, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, is optimistic that the nation would be great.

Osinbajo expressed the optimism at a literally event, “Activating Success with Love Idoko’’ and presentation of “Celebrating 100 Episodes’’ being broadcast-to-print works of a young Nigerian, Love Idoko.

He said that the works of the author showcased the future of the country.

According to him, the calibre of persons who graced the event is a reflection of the saying that “what you sow you reap’’.

“If you sow encouragement and help others to succeed you reap from it. ‘’

Osinbajo noted that everyone turned up to encourage the youth for all the encouragements and motivation that she had given other people.

“I am just fascinated not just by the potential of this country but the fact that there is no way this country can fail,’’ he said.

According to him, people said all sorts of things about the country including the country being maligned by its citizens but Nigerians yet react swiftly to such offending statements to protect their integrity.

“I am impressed about Nigeria and I think that what there is about this great nation is just an endless flow of talents, endless flow of creativity and endless flow of energy.’’

While commending the diligence of the motivational speaker and the master of ceremonies at the event he hinted that one would see so much talent and creativity among Nigerians in many other events in the country.

“I am extremely proud of our country and I very strongly believe that our country is certainly going to be a great nation.

“It is not going to depend on many of us but on a lot of very young people who are multi-tasking, creative and able to stick to it a long time,’’ he said.

Osinbajo noted that everyone had a talent but what was not easy to find was the ability to do the same thing over and over no matter how difficult or boring.

He urged the youth to remain steadfast in their noble endeavours as success would be theirs in the end.

He said it was difficult to do 100 episodes of anything and hailed the determination of the author to achieve the feat with integrity.

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