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Newspaper Headline
  • PublishedMarch 8, 2017


Travel advisory on US

Cracks in FG as minister counters Buhari’s aide

There are strong indications that the United State of America authorities’ refusal to allow some Nigerians with valid visas entry into the US has caused division to the Federal government.



PDP bows to Sheriff

  • Reconciliation committee submits report to him
  • Dickson: Sheriff to conduct June 30 convention
  • Party leaders ready to visit Buhari on London

In what appears to be the final submission to its Appeal Court Approved National chairman, senator Ali Mod Sheriff, the Reconciliation committee of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday submitted hid report on the way forward for the party to Sheriff.


Naira to float in 3-year economic recovery plan

  • CBN pumps $100m into forex market

A MARKET DRIVEN exchange rate regime is in the works, going by the federal Government plan released yesterday.

There has been pressure that the naira should be allowed to float; it’s worth dictated by market forces.


Duties on old vehicles: Senate stops customs

  • Angry senators order suspension of policy

The senate yesterday told the Nigerian custom service (NCS) to suspend the proposed plan to collect duty on old and new vehicles in the country.


Vehicle duty policy:

Senate stop customs

The Senate on Tuesday halted the proposed plan by the Nigerian custom service to collect duties from owner of old vehicles.


Recession: FG releases Economic Recovery plan.

  • Targets N21 trillion from agric by 2020
  • 5 mbpd oil production
  • 125 new Almajiri, Normadic schools
  • Silent on electricity target
  • Domestic debt: FG to borrow N2.85tm by mid-2017

LAGOS—AMID brightening prospect of improved revenue accruals, the Federal Government is adjusting its borrowing plan as Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, hopes to roll-over about N1.09 trillion worth of Nigerian Treasury Bills, NTB, borrowing in the second quarter of 2017
FG targets single-digit inflation with new economic recovery plan
• Targets 4.6% economic growth rate
• 8.5% growth in manufacturing
The federal government has finally released an ambitious economic growth and recovery plan with which it plan to work the troubled economy out of recession- after postponing its release several times.
Crack in presidency over claims on US. Travel ban
• Foreign minister says no to Nigerian killed in xenophobia attacks
• Wake up to your responsibility, group charges Onyeama
The statement credited to the minister of foreign Affairs, urging Nigerians to disregard another presidential directive to steer clear of the United States (U.S) pending the clarification of its immigration policy is not a subject of controversy.

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