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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For Osun Needs To Grow With Tax

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For Osun Needs To Grow With Tax
  • PublishedNovember 6, 2017

I am convinced that in any part of the world where development is seen as nothing but inevitable, the issue of tax or taxation is not something to toy, joke or play with, it is strictly business and when I say Business, it is imperative for development to thrive.

Everyone knows Tax, it is even something you hear and listen to nowadays from a teen age. But one still wonders if the people want to have attitudinal change at all towards this important necessity to make government run and safeguard governance.

For us as individuals, we make sacrifices to survive. Despite this, we crave for good things always even if it is not really needed; we just want to be seen as someone that has a good life.

In the State of Osun where government places premium on the welfare of the citizenry, they also find ways of easing the burden on the people by getting investors to grow the economy of the state by coming in to do business.

In modern entities where businesses thrive without or with small pain, there are things which makes them survive and grow with the economy.

And that’s why the government of Rauf Aregbesola places premium on providing the key infrastructure needed to endear these investments to the state.

Bridges, roads, schools, Ambulance Services for Emergencies, Environment Sanitation Mechanisms among others have been built and still springing up in the nooks and crannies of the state.

These and more are what the state is offering to the citizenry with the allocation patched up by the State’s Internally Generated Revenue as part of it’s duties and responsibilities to the people.

Aside this areas, there is one that is key and that’s security, it’s good to know that in Osun, the nooks and crannies are peaceful to the extent that security agencies maintain the peace with support from the state government in cash and provision of apparatus for them to work.

Undoubtedly, there enormous programmes cannot be sustained without the payment of taxes.

Tax is important in Osun as to every government, the issue of IGR is something that cannot be toyed with.

It is imperative for all in the State of Osun to fulfill their obligation to government by remitting their taxes to its coffers, either by paying through banks or points where the government has designated.

With this, government will be empowered to do more for the people and of course, the people will have course to challenge or call government to question on what their hard earned resources is used for.

Together let’s make Osun Viable through the payment of our taxes.

Osun toti ndara konii B’aje ooooooo

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