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Groom,13 Family Members Die On Their Way To Wedding

Groom,13 Family Members Die On Their Way To Wedding
  • PublishedJuly 30, 2018

A groom and at least 13 other members of a family were killed in a car crash on their way to the wedding.

The incident accord in central Vietnam on their way to a wedding party. According to reports, the victims had died instantly when their van hit a container truck, police said.

The groom and his family members were heading to the bride’s family home in a neighbouring province when they were involved in an accident in Quang Nam. Their 16-seater van collided with a container truck at about 2.30am, killing 13 people instantly. Another died later in hospital.

Confirming the incident, a policeman said: “All victims’ bodies were brought back to their home for burial. We are treating some of the injured in a local hospital.”

Local authorities said Monday they were investigating the cause of the deadly crash.

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