Male ‘Fashion Trends’ That Turn Women Off By Temitope Akinyele

Male ‘Fashion Trends’ That Turn Women Off By Temitope Akinyele
  • PublishedOctober 7, 2017

I have come to realise over the years that there are some things that guys do to push women off, but they might be wondering why ladies do not find them attractive.

Below are few things that could be called turn-offs that guys do without even knowing.

Stuffing Your Pockets Are you trying to make your backside fatter or what? Your pockets are meant for hands only and sometimes to keep change. Some guys keep hand-full of cash, three month old receipts, cell phones, sets of keys, big wallets, and a stash of business cards. Stuffing your pocket is a major turnoff to ladies because it makes you look like you have extra ass in just one part of your backside and when it’s time for some to sit, you see them bringing out different things to display on the table just to be able to sit comfortably and you begin to wonder if all those items came out from just one pocket. To avoid being turn-off it’s time to get a bag or you could have a blazer with inner pocket in which you can distribute your daily necessities and still maintain that sleek appearance.

Wearing Over-Sized Clothing:  To many ladies, this is one of the greatest shortcomings generally in male fashion; you should put on clothes that makes you look good instead of repelling ladies.

Backpacking on Professional Look: Being a student, yes this is allowed because you will need to have with you some books each day but when those days are over, you just have to drop that and compliment your look with either a leather messenger bag or briefcase and preserve your backpack for camping. You empty those over stuffed jacket or trouser and put your personal belongings into a chic man bag.

Wearing Socks With Sandals: I am still amazed why some men persist in this outlook despite how weird and not nice it looks. This is one of the modern day fashion crime. Please stop this act, many ladies can’t even go on. Some guys wonder why at first, a lady act or seem interested, then all of a sudden they lose interest and walk away. You chased them away with your bizarre sense of dressing.

If it’s Loose Use A Belt: I really don’t know what has gotten into the youths of today, you see them wearing loose trousers from jeans to even suit trousers and because it is over sized, they tend to leave it that way and some even go as far as putting it into under their ass or in between. This annoying dressing which is popularly known as sagging is one of the worse fashion crimes in the history of fashion. Guys, any influential, pretty, respected, smart lady wouldn’t want to be associated with you because of this annoying turn-off. That is one of the reasons why belts are manufactured and so if it loose, use a belt and make it firm and simple. I’m meeting you for the first time and I don’t care about the colour of your under wear. Isn’t that why it’s called underwear because it’s supposed to stay under your clothing?

Gigantic Jewellery: When you are spotted with gigantic jewellery, it brings out the green-eyed monster in women because they really don’t like it if your bling is bigger than theirs. What’s more, oversized jewellery is a look very few men can successfully pull off and still be taken seriously. Fix the problem.

Please Use Cologne: The way a man smells is very important to women, as it helps assess your potential as a mate. Nothing disgusts many women more in men than body odour. Guys, please embrace the use of colognes, deodorant, body spray or perfumes as this will help a great deal. After selecting cologne that works best with your natural body chemistry, apply one squirt to your neck and another to your wrists. Refresh no more than once in the day and night for light scents.

These Fashion Turn-Offs can be image denting and do not forget, your appearance matters a lot! So it would be nice if you practice these few tips I have shared with you. The way you are dressed is the way you would be addressed.

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