Girls Should Stop Trading Their Bodies For Money

Girls Should Stop Trading Their Bodies For Money
  • PublishedOctober 5, 2018

The bible says; a woman’s body is the temple of the Lord and must be kept holy. Unfortunately, nowadays, girls treat their bodies as commodities that are exchanged for money.

In some instances, ladies hide under excuse that there is no job out there, hence, they join the bandwagon of “Olosho” especially among the ladies who live outside their parents’ home.

Also, many girls are desperate to go to school with the aim of having freedom to move around and exchange body like a mere commodity.

The above point shows that it is not every girl involved in the act that cannot afford to take  care of herself or even by her parents but for the mere attraction to social vices as a result of peer group influence.

Similarly, some of these ladies are simply lazy and rather than take to vocational duties, they opt for modern day prostitution for survival.

It is very unfortunate that our religious institutions have failed in moulding a perfect woman, who is an embodiment of a perfect society

Most of those involve in this act are either Muslim or Christain, yet, we have more than enough churches in the country than even Jerusalem, as well as Mosques.

It is pertinent for parents to pay more attention to their children than running after material things which end up breaking the homes and affecting the future of not only the children but also their own old age.

I am of the view: a stitch in time saves nine” hence, parent must devote time to nurturing of their children and mentor them doing the right thing at the right time. Also, inculcating discipline in them is as important as feeding them.

Government should also put machinery in place to ensure that quality and proper education could help raise quality individual, in the interest of society.

Finally, various religious institutions should not jettison societal value for materialism for the sake of the future.

  • Bukola Balogun

Ila, Osun State.

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