Femi Not Impressed With Nigerian Govt. Concerning IDP Camps

Femi Not Impressed With Nigerian Govt. Concerning IDP Camps
  • PublishedMarch 24, 2017

Afrobeat legend, Femi Kuti is once again speaking out on the IDP camps he visited in some northern states in February.

Speaking to us, he lamented the suffering going on in those places.

According to him, ‘The heat alone is overbearing. I don’t think we in Lagos go through half of what they go through. Over 60 people are lumped up under one tent. It is that bad.’

He further said, ‘How the matter got to this stage shows that there is no leadership in Nigeria. It is shocking that one man said they used 160 million to cut grass. What grass? I didn’t even see any grass that he said he cut.

‘With all the money going there from banks, private bodies and Non Governmental Organisations, they still live in abject isolation because human beings are just wicked.’

He went on to comment on the recent absence of Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari for extensive medical treatment abroad.

‘On whose budget was the president away for that long? When one man can spend millions while Nigerians are left to rot and die. Is this a country? Not one general hospital can take care of anything in the whole federation.

‘Is it that the President didn’t trust his life in the hands of his own people? When the Queen of England is sick, does she go to America? He now left and came back and told us he is going back again.

‘What a country. We take a lot in this country because we have been enslaved for too long. Youths of today don’t even know that there was a slave trade. It is really sad,’ Kuti said.


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