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Fayemi Presents Staff Of Office To Alahun of Ahun Ekiti

Fayemi Presents Staff Of Office To Alahun of Ahun Ekiti
  • PublishedOctober 12, 2022

The Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has presented the staff of office to the first Alahun of Ahun Ekiti in Efon Local Government, Oba Jacob Adelowo.


It was gathered that the installation of Oba Adelowo was consequent upon the granting of autonomy to Ahun Ekiti from Efon Alaaye in Efon Local Government which the Governor described as a remarkable day in the history of the new community.


Speaking at the ceremony performed at the Conference Hall of the Governor’s Office, Dr. Fayemi who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi, said it was a profound joy for him to share in the celebration of a new dawn for the people of Ahun Ekiti.


The Governor stressed that, “granting of autonomy to any community is not an attempt to fractionize or disintegrate a hitherto compact community for any ulterior motive of political gains but a genuine demand of a people who thought their deserved recognition would enhance development.”


Dr. Fayemi said autonomy for new communities carried out by his administration was in line with best global practices aimed at bringing governance and development nearer to the people at the grassroots.


He added, “This exercise is not designed either, to breed hatred, rancour, nepotism and other negative dispositions that can negate harmonious co-existence with the former allied towns.



“However, the request for autonomy by different communities including Ahun Ekiti was granted in line with best practices across the globe which are essentially development focused.”


The Governor also used the opportunity of the occasion to advise the new monarch to rally the people of the town for development urging the subjects to cooperate with the royal fathers in taking the community to greater heights.


He further urged the new king to adopt peaceful means in resolving conflict among his subjects and also ensure harmonious relationships with neighbouring communities, especially Efon Alaaye.



The Governor said, “Kabiyesi while rejoicing with you and the entire peace-loving people of Ahun-Ekiti, I cannot but convey again, the message of peace and harmony which is the hallmark of unprecedented achievement and development experienced by the power bloc of the world.


“Therefore, you must be able to coordinate your people to embrace peaceful measures in setting any dispute as there is no other better time than now to harmoniously relate with your neighbouring communities, particularly Efon Alaaye Ekiti.


“Your ascension to the throne of your Father is a divine call to service which requires diligence, sacrifice, initiative and perseverance. I welcome you to the midst of our amiable Royal fathers in the State who have distinguished themselves in their relentless efforts in cooperating with this Government at actualizing its lofty agenda for all and sundry.


“I have no resentment in recommending you to them for consultation on all Traditional and Chieftaincy matters affecting your community, while our doors are equally opened for discussions on how to lift this State to an enviable height. This State belongs to all of us. All we need is your continued cooperation and support to do more.”

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