Famous Blogger Joro Olumofin Shares 20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

Famous Blogger Joro Olumofin Shares 20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Do On A First Date
  • PublishedOctober 8, 2018

Famous Nigerian Blogger and relationship expert Joro Olumofin shared 20 things that guys should not do on a first date, to give them a better chance of having a strong friendship and a good reputation for the coming dates.

Read below.

  1. Men shouldn’t look at their phones more than the Lady while on a date
  2. Don’t Talk about your Bank account or how much your father has; this puts ladies off (Bragging)
  3.  Smelling Bad ( Mouth or Body Odour is a No. No)
  4.  Don’t ask ” are you a virgin?”
  5. Don’t ask her how many guys she’s been with ( Body Count)
  6. If she’s going to pay for the movie or dinner let her know in advance ( no unexpected ATM failures, I forgot my wallet at home)
  7. When your phone rings on a date and you’re asked where you are? Don’t give a degrading response eg ( I dey with that big ass babe, I dey with tolu big Breasts, I dey with that weekend chops I teh u about”
  8. Don’t insist on a “come to my house first date” or come to my friends house first date
  9. Don’t leave your date to talk to another Lady for more that 2 minutes
  10. Don’t buy her too many gifts she may think ure trying to “buy” her
  11. If for any reason someone else needs to be in the car, don’t put her in the back seat
  12. Don’t compare her to your Ex
  13. Don’t talk about her weight or hair in a negative way eg ( some guys may say : ure about to burst out of that dress, your hair should be due by now ?)
  14. After the first sex always call as a courtesy (whether the sex was good or bad)
  15. Table manners ( don’t make sounds with ur mouth while eating, don’t talk while there’s food in your mouth, don’t use fork & knife for icecream)
  16. Focus your eyes on her eyes not her breast or ass. ( don’t look at any other lady asides her on a date)
  17. Projecting yourself as someone youre not (Ladies can spot fake confidence, or a fake in general) Don’t borrow ur friends car and say it’s yours, don’t lie your friend’s apartment is yours)
  18. Don’t be too touchy & feely on a first date
  19. Don’t be rude or nasty to the waiter or waitress to impress your date
  20. Don’t ask her for money, Don’t ask for pictures unless she offers

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