BBNaija: Tobi, Cee-C Reconcile After Housemates’ Interventions

BBNaija: Tobi, Cee-C Reconcile After Housemates’ Interventions
  • PublishedApril 13, 2018

Big Brother Naija housemates, Tobi and Cee-C, with the help of other housemates, decided to settle their differences.

Alex, Lolu and Khloe decided to help these two former lovers come together to talk.

Alex, the head of House, took it upon herself to orchestrate Tobi and Cee-C’s reconciliation.

Like she had done for Miracle and Nina in her capacity as the House head, Alex found it her responsibility to also bring about a ‘ceasefire’ between Cee-C and Tobi.

On Thursday, while lying in bed with her buddy Tobi, Alex encouraged him to go talk to Cee-C to put their differences aside.

Earlier, Lolu had found it saddening that these two who had started the whole romantic game in the House, had so dramatically fallen apart.

It was painful for all to see how Tobi and Cee-C, once a power couple in the House, had come to give each other the silent treatment, or, as Alex put it across indirectly, slur each other when they were not talking over each other.

Yet, no housemate had failed to notice that Cee-C couldn’t help glancing at Tobi when she thought no one was watching.

Since Tobi holds Alex’s friendship in high esteem, it was a no brainer for him to follow up on her advice and go find Cee-C.

For over three hours and until the early hours of the morning, the two went over their respective arguments, alternatively blaming and taking responsibility for their past misdeeds and miscommunications.

Cee-C said she would need to watch the entire BBNaija show again to identify their shortcomings; while Tobi said he felt like he wasn’t himself when they were together.

Their long overdue talk ended up on a good note, even though they both seemed to agree that a friendship outside the House was impossible.

Lolu peeped through the bathroom where they were holding their chat to encourage them to admit their respective wrongs as a way of moving forward.

Tobi seemed to be the one to have most benefited from the heart-to-heart conversation, for he had thanked Alex for her initiative and said he felt relieved.

Cee-C didn’t say much, perhaps holding on to her newfound happiness and just choosing not to show her emotions.

Clearly, with just one Saturday left before the final weekend, it looks like Tobi and Cee-C have no possibility or desire to recover the time they have lost.

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