Bad News For Zlantan’s Fans

Bad News For Zlantan’s Fans
  • PublishedOctober 20, 2017

Manchester United in expectant of the return of the clubs striker Zlanta Ibrahimovic, recovery for a hamstring injury where he was expected to resume in November but has now being moved further.

Manchester United legend Andy Cole has said it is some bad news for fans of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Cole claims talk of an early return for the Swede is wide of the mark.

The former striker has done some training with the Swede and told “He is doing very good. I had a chat with Zlatan when he was in the gym the other day. I think he is looking forward to coming back, most probably in December or January time. I think he will definitely bring something to the football team, as we already know. After last season, he was fantastic. It will be nice to see him back when he returns.”

Cole still believes the return of Zlatan should be celebrated.

“Yeah, December or January time, of course, it is not bad! But like he keeps saying, he is not human. I love his banter and I think his enthusiasm for the game of football, and what he is around the complex, speaks volumes about him.”


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