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Allegations That Vladimir Putin’s PhD Thesis was Ghostwritten For Him Denied

Allegations That Vladimir Putin’s PhD Thesis was Ghostwritten For Him Denied
  • PublishedMarch 6, 2018

Allegation that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s PhD thesis was ghostwritten for him has been denied by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday.

Recall that the allegation was that Putin’s thesis was written for him by the  rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, Vladimir Litvinenko. Litvinenko’s daughter made the allegation on Monday.

“There is nothing to comment on. This is not true. And if you look closely at her statements, they, in fact, are not, let’s just say, completely affirmative in nature and abound with various subjunctive moods,” Peskov told reporters.

On Monday, Olga, alleged that after becoming rector in 1994, her father “organized an illegal business, i.e. writing diploma theses.

The asking price for dissertations that were sure to see buyers awarded doctorates began at EUR 30,000, Poland’s website reported.

She claimed that many highly placed officials bought such diplomas, including former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.

Olga left Russia seven years ago after a conflict with her father.

She currently lives in Poland, according to Radio Liberty.

Olga alleged that her father personally wrote Putin’s dissertation.

According to Olga, her father wrote Putin’s dissertation for free, after Putin helped him to be appointed rector.

Vladimir Litvinenko was in 2017 listed in 122nd place in a ranking of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia, according to Forbes magazine.

Putin defended his PhD in economics in 1997, the website reported.


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