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“Aregbesola’s Intervention Reduced Water Borne Diseases in Osun”

“Aregbesola’s Intervention Reduced Water Borne Diseases in Osun”
  • PublishedNovember 24, 2017

By Nofisat Adeoye


The intervention of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the Governor of the State of Osun in the rehabilitation of Ede Water Works within the last seven years has prevented and exterminated the challenge of water-borne diseases which arises essentially because of the absence of effective and efficient equipment and maintenance.


This was the submission of the Engineer in charge of the Ede Water Works, Mr Abioye Emmanuel who took journalists round the site as part of the activities heralding the seven years anniversary of Governor Aregbesola organised by a socio-political group, Oranmiyan.


Emmanuel explained that the dam has witnessed a great transformation under the administration of Aregbesola, moving their output from 25% to 70%.


He said that apart from the five generators Aregbesola got for the dam, he also procured new pumping machines, filters, filter controls and transformers.

In the rehabilitation process, Emmanuel said  two additional low-lift pumps have been installed with 16 high-lift pump, while additional  four 2000 VA transformers  have been provided for the low-lift station, just as 1000KVA has also been provided for the low-lift.


Emmanuel further stated that there have been exhaustive repairs of four-unit clarifiers and other ancilliary equipment and rehabilitation of the 16 filter beds.


He stated that the state Government has also supplied more dozing pumps and brand new Chlorinators with all pipe work meticulously rehabilitated.


According to Emmanuel, the dam supplies 14 Local Government Areas in the state and has increased its supply to those areas due to the equipment provided by the Aregbesola’s led administration.

He thereby urged the residents to pay their water rates so as to complement the Governor’s efforts.


According to him, “The equipment are under maximum use, we work 24 hours, but like I said earlier,  before the intervention of Ogbeni, we were only left with one pumping machine and some of the transformers were down, it was even one that was left. it was when Ogbeni came in that he brought two transformers and later added another one and since then, we don’t have any problem again, the pump has been increased,  new ones have been bought to make four but presently we are using two.


“But for the intervention of Ogbeni, the whole system would have been down, but now all the system have been changed,  the high lift, the segmentation tank, the filters, everything has been changed, everything is now easier compared with the previous regimes. Even in the town, your can see there is water everywhere, water supply has increased. Our capacity has increased to more than 70% , you know initially we were at 25%.


“I think we have given some numbers out, if there is a linkage somewhere, they should let us know and they should even pay their water rates to back the idea of the state government.”


Speaking, Comrade Rasheed Raji-Ropo who led the team to the site described the state government efforts as “a life saver from waterborne diseases”.


Ropo who commended Governor Aregbesola’s intervention in revamping the Ede Water works, said the current administration has committed huge amount of money to the project so as to ensure that the people of the state have access to drinkable water.


“We cannot be talking about sound health care delivery system without adequate water supply for the citizenry,” he said.


Congratulating Aregbesola on the seventh years anniversary, Raji urged the residents to pay their taxes so as to ensure continued developmental milestones.


“I think the present administration committed such huge amount of money to Ede water works to exterminate the challenge of water-borne diseases which arise essentially because of the absence of effective and efficient portable water.” Raji added.

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