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2023: Oluwo Advocates For Yoruba Presidency

2023: Oluwo Advocates For Yoruba Presidency
  • PublishedMarch 24, 2021

The Paramount ruler of the Iwo Kingdom, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi, has urged Yoruba people across the country to root for Yoruba presidency instead of calling for secession.

He described the agitators of secession and calling for the formation of the Oodua nation, saying it is just a dream and the project is dead on arrival at this period of the nation.

The first-class traditional ruler from State of Osun, accompanied by his colleague, Akire of Ikire-Ile, Oba Abdulazeez Olatubosun Adebamiji, disclosed this while addressing Yoruba leaders in Sokoto State, on Wednesday, at three-day visit to the state.

He called on Yoruba people residing in Sokoto State not to panic on the call for secession by some groups in the country.

“If they ask you, people, to come down to your place in the South, what happened to your business and whatever you are doing here.

“All I am saying is that instead of calling a tribe criminal, what happened to some of the Yoruba people who are into crimes in this part of the country, do we now call all of you criminals?”

“It is disheartening seeing people in Yoruba land chasing away Hausa/Fulani in the South not minding if such a person is a culprit or not.

“I came here to promote peace among every Nigerians irrespective of their state of origin or where they come from”

Oba Abdulrasheed further called on all Yoruba people living either in the North or any part of the world instead of calling for secession to use the next general election to elect a Yoruba man for president.

“Any Yoruba son who emerged as a candidate for any political party irrespective of the political party should be supported by all Yoruba.

“It is the time for Yoruba to become President of the country and we must make use of the opportunity rather than calling for secession or Oodua nation,” he added.

Other notable leaders of Yoruba community presence include Seriki Yorubawa of Sokoto, Alhaji Abdulfatai Olayiwola, Cooker, Chief Imam of Yoruba in Sokoto, Professor S.O Rabiu and Professor Ayodele Salawu.

Others include, Professor Sarafeen Ogundiya, Professor Abdulwaheed Akin Hassan among other leaders.

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