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APC To PDP: Articulate Your Alternative Agenda For Osun

APC To PDP: Articulate Your Alternative Agenda For Osun
  • PublishedSeptember 22, 2017

All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State of Osun has challenged the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to stop “its nasty criticism of the state government” and come up with its own alternative agenda of what that party would do differently for the people of the state.

A statement by the APC Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Kunle Oyatomi said, “it is senseless to keep criticising without providing an alternative for the people to assess whether or not the alternative offer is worth the effort to consider or reject outrightly.

“We challenge these loud-mouthed and weak critics of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s projects to tell us at least what the PDP will do better (and how) on education,  youth employment and social security for a start.

“PDP should tell the people of Osun what policy thrust it has in plan to substitute what Aregbesola has done for students, teachers and educational infrastructure in the last seven years.

According to the APC, “For over seven years now, the PDP has been shouting that it will destroy all Aregbesola’s projects. The people of Osun deserve to know, what the PDP will replace the whole infrastructure on ground already, with.

“It’s cheap and indolent to keep criticising  someone when you cannot provide an alternative,  so that the world can assess whether or not the alternative on offer is worth the effort to consider or reject outrightly.

“Show your sincerity and ability to think outside the box like our unusual governor, or if you can’t,  then keep quiet”, the APC challenged the PDP, adding that, “he who criticises without providing an alternative is an opportunist who has nothing to offer and should not be taken seriously.

“If PDP wants the people of Osun to take their party seriously, let them tell us what they will do differently, and how they will fund their own project.

“Tell the citizens of Osun, whether or not you will break down the schools Aregbesola built. Say it loud and clear whether or not you will redesign, uproot and reconstruct the roads and bridges; destroy and rebuild Nelson Mandela Freedom Park; go round the state and urge the people to pile up dirt in the streets in their environment.

“Tell us your alternative plan to stop flooding different from how Aregbesola did it. Are you going to now stop feeding children at schools in the state which the Federal Government has continued, but which the PDP criticised? Will the PDP cancel the airport project in which the Turkish government has shown interest?

“Let the PDP come clean and tell the world if it will reject and stop all the World Bank, European Union and other internationally funded projects that Aregbesola attracted to Osun?

“If the PDP cannot give us details of what it will do differently  – including how the party intends to find the money to pay full salaries to workers, different from what APC government is doing currently, then they will be exposed for the fraudulent critics and politicians we have always known them to be.

“Tell us your plans now or stop disturbing us with senseless noises’, the APC Director of Publicity, Research and strategy declared.

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  • Osun PDP better forget the dream of comming back, coming back will spell dooms. APC, forward ever, backward never.

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