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Zimbabwe Elections: Soldiers Patrol Capital

Zimbabwe Elections: Soldiers Patrol Capital
  • PublishedAugust 2, 2018

Zimbabwean soldiers have been deployed to patrolled the streets of the capital Harare on Thursday a day after clashes between security forces and opposition protesters killed three people.

The crisis had started after demonstrators accused the ruling party of trying to rig Monday’s presidential election leading to troops, backed by armoured vehicles and a military helicopter, cleared the streets.

“Yesterday was a very sad day for Zimbabwe,” said minibus taxi driver Gift, glancing over his shoulder as a soldier smoking a cigarette looked on.

“We hope things remain quiet and we can all just forget about this election. We don’t know if it was fair.

“The government will do what they want.”

The deployment of soldiers and their beating of unarmed protesters set back President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s efforts to shed Zimbabwe’s pariah status after decades of repression under Robert Mugabe, who was ousted in a coup in November.

Mnangagwa blamed the violence on the opposition Movement for Democratic Alliance, led by Nelson Chamisa, his main rival in a presidential election the results of which have not yet been announced.

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