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Young Nigerians ‘Sleep’ On The Internet These Days

Young Nigerians ‘Sleep’ On The Internet These Days
  • PublishedNovember 11, 2019

So, yeah, it’s official. You are all addicted to your smartphones, to the internet and to social media. And we can’t even help you or ourselves here.

More than 70 percent of young Nigerians or millennials spend as much as 10 hours online daily, a Pulse Nigeria survey across social media platforms has revealed.

The poll was conducted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and lasted 5 days.

Pulse Nigeria rolled out the survey on Monday, October 7 and closed the survey on Friday, October 11, 2019.

Survey Rationale:

The Pulse Nigeria audience is a largely youthful one.

70 percent of people who consume Pulse Nigeria video and editorial content is aged between 18-35. This survey was targeted at this demography.

Young Nigerians pose for a shoot. They are taking to their phones more and more these days (Guardian)
Young Nigerians pose for a shoot. They are taking to their phones more and more these days (Guardian)

The question across all Pulse Nigeria social platforms was a uniform one that read: “How many hours do young people spend on the internet daily?”

The options were as follows:

0-2 Hours

2-5 Hours

5-10 Hours

10-15 Hours

Over 50,000 respondents participated in this survey.


On Twitter, 59 percent of young respondents admitted that they spend 10-15hrs on the internet every day.

28 percent said they spend 5-10hrs, 10 percent said they spend 2-5hrs while 4 percent admitted to spending 0-2hrs on the internet daily.

On Facebook, where only two options are allowed, 57 percent of respondents said they spend 0-10hrs on the internet daily while 43 percent said they spend 10-20hrs on the internet daily.

Young Nigerians discuss at the park (@EstherClimate)
Young Nigerians discuss at the park (@EstherClimate)

On Instagram, 70 percent of respondents admitted to spending 5-10hrs and 10-15hrs on the internet daily.


From this survey, a cumulative 70 percent of young Nigerians across all social media platforms, admitted to spending upwards of 10hrs on the internet daily.

20 percent spend 5-10hrs while 10 percent spend below 5hrs on the internet daily.

This means that you are more likely to catch a young Nigerian online than you are likely to find them doing stuff offline.

The percentages are only going to increase with increase in internet penetration, improvements in bandwidth and internet technology; and increase in literacy levels across the population.

It is also pretty common to see young Nigerians fiddling with their phones at restaurants, movies, pubs, dates and at pretty much every social gathering these days. Sociologists worry that the world could be raising more socially awkward young adults with this trend.

Source: PulseNg

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