Xenophobia: Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation Warns Against Further Killings

Xenophobia: Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation Warns Against Further Killings
  • PublishedJanuary 24, 2018

The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) worldwide has warned against further killings of Nigerians in the Republic of South Africa.

NIDO in a statement by all its continental affiliations- Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa state that “these killings must stop and with immediate effect”, demanding that the South African Government put a stop to what it termed the ongoing killings of Nigerians in the country.

The Nigerian diaspora interest organisation reminded South Africa of the sacrifices made by Nigeria to free the country from Apartheid, adding it is following with deep shock and concern, the continued unwarranted killings of gerians in the country

NIDO reiterated the absolute need for African people on the continent and in the diaspora to stick together and aspire to a greater, self-reliant and progressive African continent.

“We hereby call on all South Africans to emulate the spirit of oneness displayed by all African Nations in no meagre proportion during South Africa’s apartheid regime which Nigeria played a leading role.”

“NIDO is calling for the immediate cessation of such reckless attacks which are contrary to the constitutional principles of the Republic of South Africa, the African Union and the United Nations for the preservation of African freedom and unity.

“Such attacks have no place in democracy nor does it fit into the ideals of hospitality indigenous to African societies.

“NIDO hereby urges the Government of South Africa to sustain its resolve to maintain peace and order by bringing to justice persons involved in these heinous acts.

“In pursuit of the African Union’s 2028 target for a fully integrated Africa, we hereby recommend an acceleration of the integration agenda towards eliminating xenophobic incidence like is presently happening in South Africa.”

NIDO called on South Africans to substitute violence with dialogue so as to facilitate peaceful co-existence and better integration.

The group urged the Nigerian Ambassador to South African to immediately meet with the Nigerian community and the highest authority responsible for migration to sort out whatever differences that might have existed and to set up a sustainable mechanism to addressing them.

It directed all NIDO Continental bodies to mandate all the NIDO Chapters in their continents to deliver a copy of its demand to the Embassies of South Africa in their respective countries.


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