You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Bobrisky Has In His Account

You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Bobrisky Has In His Account
  • PublishedOctober 19, 2017

Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky has taken us by surprise again by telling us how much he has in two of his accounts.


In a new IG post, the “beautiful young man” who is used to getting lots of hate comments spoke to his haters on his page saying? In thie post, he revealed he started struggling at the age of 16 and can now boast of N40 Million in his accounts.

He shared the above before and after photo and wrote;

“I know some of u won’t understand wat is called “SUFFERING” cos at 25yrs some of u still collect feeding money ? from ur parent and still live in their house ?. I left my dad house when am 16yrs to go hustle and face life. I suffer so hard to become who I am today, not only by bleaching my skin but can boast of 40million in two of my active banks am sure my account officer is seeing dis. And am still hustling no going back. If u like insult me from now till tomorrow am not bothered. Wat bothered me most is how to become billionaire before am 30yrs. Some of u say am gay to be dis rich ???? oga if it is dat easy carry ur own ass too let them insert some dick. Bye ?”


  • I wish to become a GAY but no available network and I don’t mind of BOBRISKY can help me with this.

    • Everyone has his or her story to tell… Just because you’ve once suffered doesn’t mean you should change your imagine… From your story and what you’ve become today… You are just like a person who is greedy over his money
      No one cares about how you spend your money but the damage you are causing yourself… You are not a good example to we teenager and those that are suffering who are hoping to become rich one day… I guess money controls you…. Now that you’ve achieve your goal by becoming rich… Why not use your brain for once and think of something better to do instead of bleaching and trying to be a female….

    • I hope you are not trying to set him up. I love everything about him

  • I think there is something
    on it

  • your own hell fire is straight no comer, foolish idoit bastard shameless being

  • your own hell fire is straight no comer foolish idoit bastard shameless being

  • I won’t judge u but posterity will. Z better am still in my parents house at 30 dan wearing pampars at 26

  • God forbid, instead of that I will remains at my parents suffer, no sense a very big stupidity, am not judge you ooo

  • stupidity at its peak

  • this is serious

  • life goes on with him be a gay but if there is way let me know fah

  • let me konw

  • Bob dnt be a fool micheal jackson tried dis bt wer hw did it end up he got the money n fame bt were is he now?.

  • life is all you write about it with your own pen

  • She big mumu, non worry pampers never finish for market, stupid fool

  • She big mumu, non worry pampers never finish for market, stupid fool

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