Wonders!!! Man Alleged Of Raping Young Girl Turns Out A Woman

Wonders!!! Man Alleged Of Raping Young Girl Turns Out A Woman
  • PublishedSeptember 2, 2017


A Tanzanite miner woman known as Pili Hussein, who disguised herself as a man was alleged of raping a girl, a situation that left her co-miners to wonder after it was discovered that she is actually a woman.


The discovery was made after she was arrested and detained in custody for rape.


It was revealed that she was born by a father who had 38 children with 6 women in Tanzania.


While the revelation about the action of Pili was made known, it was said that, she could not go to school as a result of polygamous family she was born into. This made her to get married to a man who was reportedly abusing her always.


The action of the husband caused her to abandon her home in a bit to seek for job which got her to Merarani which is widely known for mining precious stones in Tanzania. But to work at the mining site only male is employed.


This working condition made Pili to fake to be a man as she dresses, talks, and work like a man.


But the allegation of Pili to have raped a young girl made her to revealed who she’s truly is as she got herself naked in the custody where she was been detained.


This development led her to establish her own mining company with her having over 70 workers in the company.

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