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Wonder!! How Oluwo ‘Mysteriously’ Stop Rain In Iwo

Wonder!! How Oluwo ‘Mysteriously’ Stop Rain In Iwo
  • PublishedSeptember 19, 2017

When natural things happen, people view it as normal but when the abnormal happens, it becomes a subject of marvel, discourse and leaves a tide of Appraisal of God’s Wonders and Magnificence.

The unthinkable happened last Saturday in Iwo when the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi Telu I interceded to stop Rains at the funeral of an APC Chieftain’s father, Alhaji Rafiu Alani Gafar.

As the heavy rains began in earnest, the event was disrupted as people scampered to hid where they will not be affected by the heavy rain.

The Oluwo who was said to have a discomfort with the situation entered the rain and Prayed God to stop the rain.

According to eyewitness account, Oba Akanbi said “If you (God) was the one that sent me, in your Name (Allah), I command the rain to stop.”

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi who was quoted to have said that Rain is an element of God’s prowess said he cannot be disturbed by the rain since He and the Rain are messengers of God.

The eyewitness said traditionalists at the event had tried to stop the rain but were unable to stop it.

“Immediately the Oluwo prayed, the weather changed and the aesthetic crowd were wild in jubilation.”

The event according to the source was one of many events where the Oluwo actions confirmed his sayings that as a King, He is a representative of God and that He with other creatures of God are of the same caliber and cannot work in discreet realms.

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