Why Young Women Should Join APC – Progressive Young Women

Why Young Women Should Join APC – Progressive Young Women
  • PublishedFebruary 9, 2021


Young women within the governing All Progressives Congress, under the banner of the Progressive Young Women, have called on young Nigerian women to take advantage of the APC’s ongoing membership registration and revalidation exercise to join the party and participate in politics.

In a statement issued by the group’s secretary/PRO, Moremi Ojudu, the Progressive Young Women stressed the importance of women’s participation in politics.

“The famous saying about a bird being unable to fly with one wing aptly captures the need for enhanced women’s participation in politics and governance. This also applies to young people’s political inclusion, as young women constitute a large proportion of the youth population.

As a nation, we have recorded some gains in women’s legal protection and representation in governance since the return to democracy in 1999. However, the journey is far from over and increased women’s participation will help us move closer to our goals.”

All Progressives Congress APC

The group said that in addition to efforts being made by notable women leaders and office holders within the party, there is also a need to bolster women’s numbers within the party structure.

“Women leaders and office holders within the APC are doing a lot to create more spaces for women. We would like to specially recognise the efforts of the South-West women leader of the APC, Yeye Kemi Nelson, in mobilising women and seeking enhanced inclusion within leadership structures. It is important that those of us in the younger generation support our leaders’ efforts by joining the party and by extension, the campaign for inclusion.

We would, therefore, like to encourage young women to become more politically active and to join the APC.”

Speaking on societal factors which limit young women’s political participation, the group said that while some believe young women should not participate in politics, nation building requires the active involvement of all segments of the society.

“There are those who believe that politics should not be a priority for young women, but this could not be farther from the truth. Politics should be a priority for everyone.

The future of our country rests with us and political participation is key in influencing policies and decisions of government.”

The APC’s membership registration and revalidation exercise will commence on Tuesday, February 9, at all wards and polling units across the country, and will be on for two weeks.

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