Why Jnr Pope Refused To Wear Life Jacket – Movie Producer Narrates

Why Jnr Pope Refused To Wear Life Jacket – Movie Producer Narrates
  • PublishedApril 14, 2024

Adanma Luke, the producer of the ill-fated movie that claimed the lives of actor, Pope Odonwodo, Junior Pope, and four others when their boat capsized on River Niger during the week, has disclosed how the late actor declined to use a life jacket.

Luke who had been silent since the accident happened, in a series of videos on her Instagram page narrated her side of the story, claiming that the late Pope was offered a life jacket, but he rejected it because it was dirty.

She said she had been making efforts to recover the other bodies from the river and transporting them to their families to be laid to rest.

Luke further revealed that she couldn’t speak before because she felt it was all a dream and hoped to be awakened from it.

She said, “So, on that day, while I was getting ready to go drop the memory card with the crew on set, I was accompanied by my brother’s children. We were all supposed to be on that boat together. I was supposed to be on that boat.

“My production manager was calling me to bring the memory card, so they could start filming, and I told him to come and collect it. But, he insisted that I should bring it to them.

“When I got there and I saw Emeka, my DOP, sitting quietly with people surrounding him, I started shouting, ‘What is happening? Somebody talk to me. Emeka then said, ‘JP, Abigail, Friday, and Precious are gone. I did not understand.

“My director was saying that he didn’t know what happened. He and the DOP wore life jackets. There was still one life jacket available; I don’t know who had it.

“But, my PM said that day, they saw life jackets there and took them. He even told the late Friday to send one to Junior Pope, but Junior Pope said it was dirty, so, he didn’t take it.

“The people who wore life jackets survived. They also told me that when they were in the water trying to survive, Junior Pope was also there, asking if everybody was okay. They even threw a gallon for him to hold onto, which he did. But, all of a sudden, they did not see him again.”

Luke added that she considered the people who lost their lives in the unfortunate boat mishap to be her family, and they usually came all the way to Lagos to shoot with her.

She said, “This was my first time of working with JP. He and his wife are my friends. I talked to the wife sometime, and that was when she said, ‘Why aren’t you giving my husband work’? JP also said, ‘Ada, you are my friend, why don’t you call me for jobs’?

“I told JP he mainly acts action films, and I hardly produce that. He then said he also acts in love films too.”

She said she was traumatised that the accident happened on the journey from her set.

“I have been so traumatised. I have been so cold. This whole thing still feels like a dream to me. It is so sad that this happened on my set. I blame myself; that I would have been in Lagos doing my thing. I blame myself for coming down to Asaba.

“I still can’t believe this. Those crew members were my family. They have been working with me. If I am working in Lagos, they would come from Asaba to join me.”

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