Voters Lament Confusion On New Polling Units

Voters Lament Confusion On New Polling Units
  • PublishedJuly 16, 2022

Some voters in Osogbo and Egbedore Local Governments of the State of Osun have lamented that the newly created polling units are confusing them.

The voters said they were unaware that a new polling unit has been created which necessitated the moving of their names from the original polling unit to the new ones.

Some of the affected voters in unit 5, Ward 4, Osogbo Local government, had earlier claimed that their names were missing in the voter register.

But they later found their names at the newly created unit 38 of the same ward.

One of the affected voters, Mr Clement Oluyide Faremi, said: “I couldn’t find my name in the voter register here at polling unit 5, and I voted here in the last election.

“I was not aware that some voters here, including me, have been moved to another polling unit, unit 38.”

At unit 26, Ward 10, Ofatedo, Egbedore Local Government, some voters lamented that they were not aware that their names have been moved to unit 27 of the same ward.

OSUN DEFENDER noted that some of the newly created polling units have few electorates.

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