Valentine: Fake Condoms Flood Markets

Valentine: Fake Condoms Flood Markets
  • PublishedFebruary 13, 2018

With less than 9 hours to the Valentine’s Day, stakeholders have expressed concerns about the alleged presence of fake condoms in the market.

Physicians believe that when used properly, condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

The presence of fake condoms in the market is thus a cause for concern, especially as the Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away.

As reported by Standard Media, fake condoms have hit the Kenyan market, even as the world marks the International Condom Day today (Tuesday, February 13).

This information was contained in a warning issued by the Population Services Kenya.

In an advert placed in the local dailies, PS Kenya issued a directive to the public to be aware of the appropriate labeling of the Trust Studded brand of condoms.

“Look out for the marks of quality on our packs to ensure that you are purchasing authentic Trust packs,” cautioned the advert.

PS Kenya, which distributes Trust Condoms, have been carrying out a three-day country-wide safety sensitisation campaign since February 10.

They say that the presence of fake condoms in the market puts consumers at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases, since they are made from substandard materials.

The agency, in half-page adverts in the middle of local dailies, asked members of the public to look out for the authentic package in the Studded product.

According to the advert, consumers should check the front face of a pack of Trust Studded to ensure that it has a triple-tested icon on the bottom left side and a white stripe with pack content.

The name “Studded” should also appear in bold at the centre of the pack. The pack’s spine should bear content details and only bear PS-Kenya contact details and nothing more.

Condoms — latex and polyurethane versions — have been the only method available to prevent transmission of STIs and HIV for ages.

The alarm comes just as the world is marking the International Condom Day, which is promoted by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in an effort to reduce the spread of HIV through safe sex practices.

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